Christie's new plan in New Jersey should make his conservative buddies happy and welcome him back into the fold.

Governor Christie plans to sell the state run New Jersey Lottery to a billionare in Italy.  He accomplishes a triple whammy by privatizing the lottery and outsourcing its New Jersey jobs.  The third part of this incredible acrobatic feat deals with the elderly and schools.  The lottery profits are used to subsidize secondary education and help with cost for seniors in New Jersey.  He is undercutting education and getting rid of the seniors all in one fell swoop.  Oh conservatives this is a dream come true.  

There is no good reason to do this, it will only hurt the citizens of New Jersey on multiple levels, but alas, what the hell do they care about people?  At a time when New Jersey has not recovered sufficiently with jobs it makes soooooo much sense to outsource some of those jobs both in the public and private sectors.  Just when you think they cannot get any worse the floor drops out and we reach another level of stupidity and cruelty.  When will the country and this state inparticular wake up and recognize these fools as representatives of the white, rich and connected world wide.  IT IS TIME TO START THINKING COUNTRY FIRST.

I am sick and tired of this bull........!

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