No, I don't buy that the actor playing Satan in the new episode of "The Bible" shown on The History Channel last night was supposed to be Barack Obama. I happened to see it, and didn't catch  that at all. Of course, I don't have a Glenn Beck sort of brain. Still, I accept the denial of the producers that they intended for the actor to be seen as Obama. I do however see what they didn't see. Satan was the only character who looked like he might actually be Semitic. Everyone else was a pale-skinned light-haired person of Northern European descent. In the ancient Middle East.

So there we go, ancient Israel as portrayed by white conservative Christians in their Sunday school booklets. Yes, I get that it isn't a documentary. It's a dramatization of some bible stories. Not a documentary. If it was a documentary, Jesus, Mary and Joseph might have looked like people who actually come from the place Jesus, Mary and Joseph supposedly came from. God forbid the people of the Middle East look like Jews or Arabs.

The producers put the one Semitic actor in the role of the devil, and ironically, got themselves a controversy generated by people who like the show. May I suggest that if there's a casting director who says to you, "Seriously, all pasty white people for the good guys, and the one actor who looks like he might have lived in ancient Israel is playing Satan, are you frikkin kidding me?!", best to pretend you were kidding and fix the casting.

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