I watched this documentary last night, a sobering, fact-filled look at ordinary folks — like so many people I know — who are struggling. I fell in love with each of the families profiled. They are our brothers and sisters...

If you are lucky enough to afford HBO, I urge you to view the film (if you missed the premiere last night, subscribers can view it on HBOGO.com).

I urge you to watch the preview at http://www.americanwinterfilm.com/ Consider donating to Kickstarter (as little as $1) in support of the project. Consider hosting a screening of the film.

I created a petition, urging members of Congress and President Obama to watch this film. Please consider signing this petition. MoveOn will give it more traction. http://signon.org/...

Whatever you do, please spread the word. Keep this message alive that the most important components of the Middle Class, the people in this film and so many others like them are ashamed, feel invisible, are hurting and we can be their voice. So many of the agencies that are there to help stand poised to lose their funding. Awareness can only help. THANKS.

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