Kurt Eichenwald at Vanity Fair (my favorite tweeter out there) apparently has started a blog on vf.com and has posted a takedown of CPAC. I don't think there will be anything in it that kossaks don't already know, but it was fun to see someone in the MSM give such a body slam to these folks.

My favorite paragraph in the posting, maybe my favorite for the year, when discussing the conservatives' decision to "double down" on the ideas rejected by voters:

That was certainly the lesson from last week when the wackadoodle clown car came rolling into Washington for the Conservative Political Action Conference, the annual peek into the darkest reaches of the human soul. These folks are not your parents’ conservatives, who were more interested in governing than in ideological purity (Ronald Reagan wouldn’t have passed their stringent, off-the-charts tests). No, these are the Tea Partying, conspiracy-theorizing, fist-shaking, angry conservatives who have been so deep and so long in the bubble of fantasy created by the Fox Newses and Rush Limbaughs of the world that it’s a miracle there is still enough oxygen inside to keep them breathing.
Not much else to add, just something folks should read for a good laugh. Find it here.


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