Seems like after every few months we have a new massacre, which is followed by usual howls of outrage and then nothing happens. So once again, as expected, nothing has happened, nothing will happen. See y'all after the next massacre.

The assault weapons ban is dead, the magazine ban is nearly dead, and the background check is going the same way.



And the motherfucker Harry Reid clings to his leadership position with his thumb jabbed up his ass, after killing filibuster reform. The NRA and the Republicans are dancing a victory dance on the graves of the Sandy Hook children.

So to all parents out there, kiss your children, hug them close. Your elected Democratic officials are so fucking impotent and power hungry that they cannot take the minimum necessary common sense measures to assure your children's safety. Harry Reid would rather see a his precious Senate intact than see that your children are safe. I am through giving money to DSCC and the DNC. Fuck them all.

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