This is Boner's moment in the sun.  He has been working his entire life for this very opportunity.  For one brief, shining moment tonight, say hello to President John Boehner!

President Boehner for 20 Minutes?

As President Obama departs for Israel Tuesday night and Vice President  Biden returns from the inaugural Mass of Pope Francis in Rome, there will be about a 20-minute window when the nation’s two highest-ranking elected officials will not be on U.S. soil.

Luckily, there is no reason to panic.  This brief gap does not trigger a succession crisis, as White House officials are quick to point out...

Boehner’s office declined to comment on the fact that he might spend a quarter of an hour as the top American official on U.S. soil, or how he might take advantage of that brief home court advantage.

A few changes in the offing below the fold.  

Some of the Executive Orders to be issued by our new Overlord include:

  • Orange will become the new official color of the United States.  Red, white, and blue is so passé.
  • Eric Cantor will be sworn in by Antonin Scalia as the Deputy Overlord of the country.
  • Congress will be abolished and all taxes outlawed in the country.  The top marginal tax rate will be 0%.  No capital gains or estate taxes, too.
  • Rush Limbaugh will become the Poet Laureate of the United States.
  • Sequestration will become a permanent feature of government.  Treasury Secretary Paul Ryan will ensure its implementation.

This is history in the making.  As Winston Churchill might have described it, even if Boner's presidency might only last a few minutes, a thousand years from now men will say, "This was his finest 1/3rd hour."

What else might a President Boner do in his brief reign? Thoughts, suggestions, comments?


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