With apologies for the brievity of my input: I thought the members here who have been following her progress would like to hear the latest news about Malala Yousafza, the Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban for promoting girl's education rights. She has progressed well after her latest major operation in which her skull was reconstructed.

Today was her first day back at a regular school. She walked there in the company of her father.:

She described starting at the city's Edgbaston High School for Girls as "the most important day" of her life.

She said: "I think it is the happiest moment that I'm going back to school, this is what I dreamed, that all children should be able to go to school because it is their basic right.

"I am so proud to wear the uniform because it proves I am a student and that I am living my life and learning."


From the start of the school year in September, Malala will be preparing for GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) examinations in Summer 2014, just like almost everybody girl her age in England*.

* For clarity, some with learning disabilities are obviously excluded from taking GCSEs which are by individual subject. These examinations are only in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have different but equivalent examinations at 16. A few schools also teach to different curricula like the International Bacalaureat.

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