Voyager 1 has officially crossed the heliosphere, left our solar system and entered interstellar space. 35 years in the making!!!

More here and here and references here

Congratulations mankind and NASA!!!

Support NASA.

Update: Top of the Rec List? LOL! Thank you!! My wife, Shaking The Tree is jealous. On another note, the consensus of the team is that it probably hasn't left. However, I have first hand info from a buddy at JPL that this wasn't unanimous. There were some great pics of the components of the heliosphere and both voyager locations but I couldn't post them due to them being on the NASA site.

Here is a good one, though a tad old. Here's another. I can't get enough of them tbh. I'd post more but I just got home from the datacenter and I have to do some remote work for a couple hours.

Update2: Cool pics linked to above. Joan McCarter is persistent and doesn't appreciate my laziness.

Awesome pic of the magnetic lines with deep space probes labeled.
If the bright blue area were a basketball, the sun would be the size of a mustard seed. Space is big.

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