Whatever happened to the Taco Bell chihuahua?

Did he die?

Why wasn't I told?

Oh shit! Is the Doritos Locos Taco made from him?!?

I have no idea who 90% of the "famous" people are today.  Rappers, Housewives, Teen Moms, Teen Killers ... where the fuck are all the stars?
- There’s a Princess.
- She meets a man.
- Singing.
- She fucks up somehow.
- Singing.
- He saves her.

Now you know every old Disney movie.

It's taken me almost 43 years, but I've done it. I've become the perfect teenager.

Remember the days when you could say “Fuck you I quit!” and find another job in a week? I miss the 90’s.

If you really love a woman then it is your duty to provide for her because women are lazy and don't like to work.

People focus entirely too much on the concept of making sense.


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