This is not a complete list of opportunities nationwide, but it is still pretty extensive and it begins to demonstrate the level of activity out there. I've posted it incomplete because I didn't want the near-term events to pass unnoticed by those who may be interested. I'll plug away on it and re-post periodically.

Note: there's a description of and link to the Intentional Community Group at the bottom of the diary.

Intentional Community is an inclusive term for ecovillages, cohousing communities, residential land trusts, communes, student co-ops, urban housing cooperatives, intentional living, alternative communities, cooperative living, and other projects where people strive together with a common vision.
Proceed past the crescent roll for the calendar of events...


Apr 6             A Villager's View on Modern Food Problems (Black Mtn, NC)
                    Earthaven Ecovillage

Apr 6 -           Permaculture Intro - The Mulch Revolution: Creating Instant Gardens
Apr 7              Earthaven Ecovillage (Black Mountain, NC)

Apr 27            How to Create a Successful Community (Andover, MA)
                    Crotalo Sesamo from Damanhur, Federation of Communities (Italy)

May 1 -          Organic Agriculture Internship (Colebrook, NH)
Oct 1             La Cite Ecologique

May 1 -          Sustainable Living Experience Internship (Colebrook, NH)
Oct 1             La Cite Ecologique

May 4 -          Permaculture Intro - Home Water Systems: Catch, Store, Conserve, Use, Clean (Black Mountain, NC)
May 5            Earthaven Ecovillage

May 9            Upcycling Workshop (Black Mountain, NC)
                    Earthaven Ecovillage

May 31 -        Introduction to Natural Building (Black Mountain, NC)
Jun 4             Earthaven Ecovillage

Jun 1 -           Permaculture Patterns and Principles: Plant Use Strategies (Black Mtn, NC)
Jun 2             Earthaven Ecovillage

Jun 14 -         Permaculture Fundamentals Course (Black Mountain, NC)
Jun 16           Earthaven Ecovillage


Jun 22            The Forest Garden (Black Mountain, NC)
                     Earthaven Ecovillage

Jul 6 -            Permaculture Patterns and Principles: The Forest Garden (Black Mtn, NC)
Jul 7               Earthaven Ecovillage

Jul 27             Consensus Basics (Black Mtn, NC)
                     Earthaven Ecovillage

Aug 3 -           Communities Conference 2013: Community vs. Uncertainty (Louisa, VA)
Sep 2             Twin Oaks Community

Aug 10 -         Permaculture Patterns and Principles: Visit a Permaculture Homestead
Aug 11           Earthaven Ecovillage (Black Mountain, NC)

Aug 24           Designing for Home Food Security (Black Mountain, NC)
                    Earthaven Ecovillage

Sep 7 -          Permaculture Patterns and Principles: Designing the Home System
Sep 8            Earthaven Ecovillage (Black Mountain, NC)

Sep 12          Organizational Meeting (open to all)
Sep 14          Fellowship for Intentional Community
                   Host: Whole Village (Caldedon, ON)


Sep 28 -       The Forest Garden (Black Mountain, NC)
                  Earthaven Ecovillage

Oct 3 -        Annual Conf. of Communal Studies Assoc.: Transitions in Leadership
Oct 5          Communal Studies Association
                  Host: Historic Harmony, Butler County, PA
                  Host: Old Economy Village, Beaver County, PA
                  Deadline for submission of paper & session proposals: 4/17


Mar 29 - 31   Farm Experience: Joys of Spring (Summertown, TN)      
                   The Farm

Apr 7            Organic Gardening 101, w/intro to Permaculture (Jasper, In)
                   @ Riverside Permaculture Gardens
                   Host: Living Roots Ecovillage

Apr 12 -        The Farm Experience: The Land (Summertown, TN)
Apr 14          The Farm

May 24 -26   The Farm Communities Conference (Summertown, TN)
                  The Farm
                  Partner: Fellowship for International Community

Jun 2 -         Organic Gardening Intensive! (Summertown, TN)
Jun 8           The Farm
or Jun 6-8


Jul 5 -          Ecovillage Education Course: Sustainable Culture Creators Training
Aug 11         Host: Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage (Rutledge, MO)
                  Sponsor: Fellowship of Intentional Communities

Jul 7            Food Preservation Workshop (Rutledge, MO)
                  Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Jul 25          Summer Retreat (Summertown, TN)
Jul 29          The Farm
or Jul 27-29

Aug 16 -      Shipping Container Construction Workshop 2013 (Rutledge, MO)
Aug 25        Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Sep 14 -      Cob Oven Workshop (Rutledge, MO)
Sep 16        Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage (Rutledge, MO)
Sep 20 -      Farm Experience: Celebrate the Equinox (Summertown, TN)
Sep 22        The Farm

Sep 20 -      Shipping Container Construction Workshop 2013 (Rutledge, MO)
Sep 29        Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage


Sep 28 -      Cob Oven Workshop (Rutledge, MO)
Sep 30        Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage (Rutledge, MO)

Oct 4 -       Shipping Container Construction Workshop 2013 (Rutledge, MO)
Oct 14        Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Oct 6 -       Annual Conference: Resiliency and Adaptation (Nashville, TN)
Oct 9         The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)

Oct 11 -     Farm Experience: Fall Colors and a Fire Circle (Summertown, TN)
Oct 13       The Farm

Oct 12 -     Cob Oven Workshop (Rutledge, MO)
Oct 14       Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage (Rutledge, MO)

Oct 19 -     Cob Oven Workshop (Rutledge, MO)
Oct 21       Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage (Rutledge, MO)

Nov 1 -      Cooperating to Survive and Thrive Beyond Capitalism: Building                a Solidarity Community (Ann Arbor, MI)
Nov 3        North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO)


Mar 21        Food Lobby Potluck (Los Angeles)
                 Los Angeles Eco-Village

Mar 22-24   Portland Better Living Show (Portland)
                 Portland Expo Center

Mar 23        Within Reach: screening and discussion (Seattle)        
                 Host: Northwest Intentional Communities Association (NICA)
                 East West Bookshop

Mar 23        Community Tour (Los Angeles)
                 Los Angeles Eco-Village

Mar 24        Time Bank Meeting (Los Angeles)
                 Los Angeles Eco-Village

Mar 26        Green Living Workshop (Los Angeles)
                 Los Angeles Eco-Village

Apr 2          Green Living Workshop (Los Angeles)
                 Los Angeles Eco-Village

Apr 5 -        California Coop Conference (Los Angeles)
Apr 6          California Center for Cooperative Development

Apr 5 - 7     Organizational Meeting (open to all) (Prescott, AZ)
                 Fellowship for International Community

Apr 9          Green Living Workshop (Los Angeles)
                 Los Angeles Eco-Village

Apr 13        NICA Spring Gathering (Seattle)
                 Northwest Intentional Community Association
                 Host: Ananda Community of Lynwood (Lynnwood, WA)

Apr 16        Green Living Workshop (Los Angeles)
                 Los Angeles Eco-Village


Jun 22        Open House & Solstice Celebration (Lynwood, WA)
                 Ananda Community of Lynwood


(none identified as yet).

DKos Intentional Community Research and Development Group:

IC R&D will research and discuss all aspects of intentional communities: mission, strategy, goals, governance, finances, resources (land, housing, facilities, infrastructure, equipment, supplies...), membership, etc. Rubrics for site and membership. Membership, funding and site searches. IC R&D will create &/or incubate site(s), if there is sufficient understanding, agreement, interest and "intent".  

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