Hillary Clinton
Our next president?
The headline number of the latest Q poll in Florida is this:
Mrs. Clinton, who shows the most strength of any potential 2016 aspirant in Quinnipiac University's national polls, leads Jeb Bush 51-40 percent and bests Sen. Rubio 52-41 percent in a poll of Sunshine State registered voters.
Yeah, yeah, a long time to go, but what exactly is the event that is going to knock Clinton down between now and the start of the 2016 campaign season (which starts in two years)? Also of interest to me was the following: Clinton wins 44 percent of of whites (45 against Rubio), 86 percent of African Americans, 62 percent of Latinos (57 percent against Rubio).

I can hear the naysayers now—"Yeah, Clinton was the frontrunner in 2007." Not like this. Not with a 62-33 favorable/unfavorable split.

And of course, women go for Clinton big—56-36.

And this is in Florida, against the two most popular Republicans in the state, Bush and Rubio.  This finding is confirmed by the latest PPP poll:

Hillary Clinton is a good deal more popular than either Bush or Rubio in the state, and would lead both of them by double digits in hypothetical match ups. 56% of voters have a favorable opinion of her compared to 37% with a negative one. She leads Bush 53/40 and Rubio 56/40 head to head, and also has a 54/41 advantage over Paul Ryan. She leads the Republicans by margins of 17-24 points with independents.
She's the big favorite among Democrats in the state to be the nominee:
Clinton continues to be the overwhelming favorite of Democratic voters to be their candidate in 2016. 62% say she'd be their first choice compared to 12% for Joe Biden, 5% for Andrew Cuomo, 3% for Elizabeth Warren, 1% each for Martin O'Malley, Brian Schweitzer, and Mark Warner and less than 1% each for Kirsten Gillibrand and Deval Patrick. Clinton has an 82/14 favorability rating with primary voters.
She's poised to win in 2016, if she wants it.

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