Is Worse than Cancer

Seth, wish you hadn't want'd to be buried in the middle of nowhere. My old bones take a beat'n get'n here now. We be a lot more spunky back then.

Never thought I'd ever think it, but I'm glad you took your leave when ya did. Country don't shine no more. Under a cloud a'mediocre.

Shameful, Seth. Just shameful.

Lots of dumb go'n on in Washington, Seth. Even our beloved Democratic party ain't worth a tinker's damn. Done sold out the people as fast as them stink'n Republicans.

Oh, yeah, Seth. Believe it or not, our Democrats are playing with fire. Seems our illustrious leader has decided that poor people be need'n another stone to suck on to fool their tummies from think'n food be com'n down the old gullet.

Stupid sum bitch touch'd social security and wants to cut our earn'd benefits! Yeah, I hear ya turn'n down there, Seth. Don't blame ya none.

People who don't need Social Security call it an "entitlement program." Since when did the sweat of our brows become an entitlement?

Rich bastards say the economy is get'n stronger and all the poor and old people will get less as they get older. It be called, "Chained CPI."

Fancy word for slavery, Seth.

You outta see the circus down there in La-La Land. Some call it the "Bubble." So much bull crap that eventhing there grows, while the rest of the national garden gets scorch'd.

I've cut out just about all that we had once. Only eat'n once a day, but that not be enough, ya know? At least that bitch in Gone with the Wind had Tara to go back too.

Only way left outta poverty now-a-days be taken by one's own hand. Remember Martha? Slit her wrists...

On an empty tummy.

Rich eat well, so that is something, I guess.

Sorry, Seth, but I ain't got love of country in my heart anymore. Figure I didn't lose anything, but the country did, 'cause I be bet'n there are millions of others who feel the same now-a-days.

Millions now without jobs and those who have 'em are treat'd worse than a cur dog, Seth.

Well, time to head back to the hovel, Seth. Just want'd ya to know that I hold you in my heart like always.

Oh, yeah. You weren't here, but the people vote'd in a man of color for the first time. Big deal here a'course, but the poor guy crawl'd into bed with those with more money than brain cells.

Guess he didn't want to fight for the people. Surround'd hisself with the rich and follow'd 'em like a puppy dog into mediocre.

Don't know what he wants his legacy to read, but I've come to the conclusion that he was the first person of color to win the Presidency and first person of color to turn his back on the people, cause he be afraid to be bold with those "awesome powers" of his office.

Man of big words and no fight to back it up and the irony be'n he admires ol' Abe Lincoln. Not really a laugh'n matter, but I can't help it.

Maybe he should'a talk'd to Mohammad Ali.

One more thing, Seth. Tiger Woods got his game back!

Probably my last visit, Seth. Something wrong inside me. But, I'll be there with ya sooner, rather than later.

Love ya big guy!


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