Fantastic euphemism. Who in the world could argue against doing something that's "constitutional"? No longer requiring a Permit to carry a concealed weapon? Brilliant! And constitutional! Obviously! We do, after all, have a Constitution, and right there in Second place is guns. So clearly there are no rules. Except, of course, if that were actually the case gunnuts could simply go to court to get an order of unlimited relief. There, accordingly, would be no need for them to rely upon gun loving legislators to set these things straight.

Long story short, the Utah legislature, in its just concluded annual 45 day session allowed "logic" to rule the day. One of them, you see, knew a guy, or heard about a guy, or something, who almost got in trouble once because, as he was riding his range (or your Public Lands, same thing in Utah) with his rifle up top, across the sadle, rain came, he whipped out a poncho, magically converting his legally carried firearm into a concealed one, for which he had no permit. It seems like I could recall a greater injustice than that upon sufficient reflection, but there we are.

And to be scrupulously honest the vote in both Houses for the "What The Hell, Just Do What You Want With Your Own Lethal Property" Bill was adequate to render it "Veto proof". I mean, we Utahns don't screw around when it comes time for doing the right thing. "Concealed Weapon Permit", how yesterday is that? If you've got it, flaunt it, of if you don't feel like flaunting, just do whatever else gives a warm, fuzzy feeling. And if you do, somehow, ending up shooting anyone, just please make sure it was an accident. In other words, carry "Constitutionally", and go with god.

Only now, mere hours ago, the local Republic Party Governor, on the other hand (and near miraculously) uttered those famous words, "If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It", and issued an official Veto. Oh well!

"Broke", or not, obviously can be relative. An adequate regulatory scheme to one might well consist of really nothing more than a small fee, a perfunctory training course, and a background check. Or I suppose that could well describe a massivly monstorous usurpation of fundamental rights.

But there actually is a scorecard, of sorts, for this one. You see, more Utah Concealed Weapon Permits are actually issued to, and carried by non-Utahns than Utahns. We've already acheived "don't leave home without it" status (in both guns and permits) and our lousy, turncoat Governor will now proceed to get the shit beat out of him for thinking that that is good enough.

Stay tuned. Or not.

Originally posted to oldpotsmuggler on Fri Mar 22, 2013 at 03:47 PM PDT.

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