Well that settles that:


Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D), who delivered an electrifying address before the 2012 Democratic National Convention, said Friday that she is not interested in a bid to replace outgoing Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI), who has announced he will not seek re-election in 2014. - TPM, 3/22/13
The former Governor and host of Current TV's The War Room made it official on her Facebook page:


“Friends, thanks for all of the encouragement on the Michigan Senate seat, but I’m not going to run,” Granholm wrote on her Facebook page. “I appreciate all of the outreach I’ve received; for several reasons it’s just not right for us (it’s a family decision). My best to all the contenders — Levin’s US Senate seat will stay blue!” - Washington Post, 3/22/13
It actually makes sense that Granholm would pass on the opportunity because the Senate wouldn't have been a right fit for her:


Ms. Granholm has been a life-long creature of the executive branch of government first in Wayne County, then as state Attorney General and then as governor.

The Senate is the complete antithesis of who she is: A take-charge, jump in, get something done and move onto something else kind of gal. Nobody has ever described that august body in Washington in those terms.

“She’d go nuts,” opines one source. And that’s an understatement. - 3/22/13

I'm not too bummed about this news because we already have a great candidate in Congressman Gary Peters (D. MI-4) who is getting ready to run for Levin's seat:


Peters is seen as the most formidable Democratic recruit in the state, especially after defeating Rep. Hansen Clarke (D-Mich.) in a Detroit-area primary last year. With the win, Peters becomes only the second white member of Congress to represent a majority-black district. Prior to redistricting, he held down a competitive swing seat in the suburbs, and he has demonstrated  strong fundraising prowess.

Political operatives in the Wolverine State say Peters has been preparing for the possibility of an open Senate seat for months. Internet records show that petersforsenate.com was registered  Feb. 4, 2013, though a spokesman for Peters declined to say whether it was his staff who secured it. - Washington Post, 3/8/13

I am working on a diary about Peters and what I have been reading about him, I really like.  He's a great friend to the middle-class, the environment, organized labor and is serious about creating green jobs.  He also took the time to listen to concerns of the protestors at Occupy Detroit:


U.S. Rep. Gary Peters joined the 99 percent on Sunday, rallying against Wall Street with Occupy Detroit.

WWJ reports that Peters and members of the United Auto Workers joined protesters at Grand Circus Park, where many have been camping out since mid-October.

While the Occupy movement is often criticized for a lack of focus, Peters made it clear why he joined the locl rally.

Nov. 6, WWJ: "It's speculation on Wall Street that we're still paying the price for here, particularly in Detroit that almost brought the auto industry to a collapse because of what we saw on Wall Street. So we put in restrictions, or put in regulations necessary to reign that in, and right now in Washington I’m facing a Republican majority that wants to undo that," said Peters. - Michigan Live, 11/7/11

More to come.  Happy Friday!

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