I've been preparing for nearly a month, right after the Climate Change SOS blogathon I started organizing the DK SSD blogathon. And well its not been going together like clockwork, it is coming together. DK Front Pager Joan McCarter has the Monday 11am EST slot, later on Monday you'll see KitsapRiver and myself.

Tuesday's lineup includes joanneleon & joe shikspack and at 3pm- Arshad Hasan Executive Director of DFA. Wenesday we have Poopdogcomedy (wasn't he on the Conan show?) the Founder of the Social Security Defenders group @DK, Bruce Webb (otherwise known as Mr SS).

Thursday Jim Dean the DFA Chair kicks off the days events @11am. Followed by One Pissed Off Liberal and Floridagal (Madfloridian @ DU). Friday is going to be awesome, Economist Dean Baker starts the day at 11am, if VCLib comes back from vacation in time he has the 1pm slot, and I think I've talked DK Featured writer Armando to finish up the weeks activities.

You can find the DK Social Security Defenders here.

#HandsOffMySocialSecurity, Dean Baker photo SSDDeanBakerPromo1.png #HandsOffMySocialSecurity photo SSDJimDeanPromo1.png

And don't forget to sign the petition telling President Obama No SS cuts, no Chained CPI, no Superlative CPI, #noSScuts. ANd then share it, please.


8:25 PM PT: 11 rec, one comment, and this made the rec list. Well cool. But you've only added 8 sigs to the #noSScuts petition for Obama, not very productive, even for a Saturday evening.

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