He was fired for this but the sheriff quietly rehired Craig Culpepper after the media attention went away.

In this video we see typical road rage behavior. The officer prevents the car from passing for several miles and when an opportunity to pass arises the driver passes the two blocking cars. Then the officer takes his patrol car and passes the driver. Gets in front of them and slams on the breaks causing an accident.

The North Carolina deputy who was forced to resign this week after committing an act of road rage that was caught on video was rehired a few days later, proving that the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office was merely trying to appease the media after drafting a lengthy press release.

Craig Culpepper thanked the lord on his Facebook page when he announced the news to his friends and family.

He should also publicly thank the North Charleston Police Department for not citing him, even though they acknowledged he was at fault for the accident he caused when he cut off another driver in his patrol car and slammed on the brakes, forcing that driver to hit him from behind.

Use excessive caution and if possible conduct no business in Onslow County. Hmm looks like Camp Lejune is there. Are they aware the military can ban post residents from remaining in the county? Do you think the sheriff would pay attention to public out cry when all the restaurants close for lack of business?
The county is bordered by Pender County to the south, Duplin
County to the west, Lenoir and Jones counties to the
northwest and north, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. The
County has a flat, gently rolling terrain which slopes from an
altitude of 63 feet at the town of Richlands to sea level and
covers a total of 767 square miles encompassing
approximately 484,000 acres, of which about 156,400 acres
comprise the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base and New River
Marine Corps Air Station and are owned by the federal
government. Additionally, approximately 48,000 acres are in
Hoffman Forest and are owned by the North Carolina Forestry
Foundation, Inc., and approximately 31,000 acres are in
incorporated or urban areas.
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