Your DailyKos blogmates are coming together in meetups everywhere. My message to you is, go join them! I'll tell you why after the Dynamite Ebi Dragon Roll with extra Wasabi Avacado . . .

The state capital of Columbus is a great city - well-designed, booming, multicultural, exciting . . . a happening place these days. The Ohio State University is here, as are the ownership groups for Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria's Secret, and Wendy's which are headquartered here. You might recall this recent situation where an anti-gay hate purveyor was sent packing to Taco Bell - fitting somehow for this to happen in Columbus. Mikey's Latenight Slice is the best pizza in town, by the way - don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

We met at a beer pub connected to an upscale Kroger's grocery store in German Village. I won't mention everyone in attendance - there will be an upcoming diary for that (with PICS!) - but let me just say that there were some truly outstanding people in attendance last night.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet your DailyKos blogmates.  Major Kong was a Lieutenant Colonel in the National Guard, and now flies cargo privately. He's an ace in the kitchen, when in the course of conversation VetGrl idly wished for a word or two in Turkish, Major Kong was right there to oblige!

Attorney VetGrl ran the show together with Don Midwest who secured the perfect venue. Don told us about his days in Berkely in the mid-60's, and his current eye-opening activism. We had a server administrator, a bioscientist, a teacher/musician's wife, and a Buddhist functionary in attendance. Wow! Makes you wish the event went on all night rather than a mere three hours.

We spoke about Thomas Jefferson, making Tikka Masala Murgh, Netroots Nation Chicago, visiting Istanbul, energy efficient transportation and union jobs. We took a straw poll, and it was nearly everybody's first DailyKos meetup.

Here's what I took away from my first event:

1 - You might be amazed to find out about your D'Kos blogmates. There are some special people on this site, and you won't fully grasp that concept until you meet them in person.

2 - There's was a feeling of power in the room. Left largely unsaid - because it didn't have to be - was the fact that everyone in the room was of a single mind, and hell-bent for real change. Harness all that will, energy and talent - now that's really something!

Don't pass up the opportunity if there's an event near you. Or even if it's not near you - some members drove more than 100 miles to attend last night's event in Columbus. This, ladies and gentlemen, is an experience not to be missed!

For the latest meetup near you, see navajo's diary here.

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