This is an interesting situation.  There seems to be great imbalance of power between the population and a tiny group of corrupt individuals who make up the power elite, even though in theory, in our democratic system of government, the real power rests on the citizenry.

Actually, this is still the case since you're talking about a ratio of 99 to 1, when it comes to the citizenry vs. the corrupt ruling elite.  The only reason this tiny ruling elite has amassed a disproportional amount of power is because the citizenry has been convinced through trickery, lies, misinformation, fear-mongering and propaganda to voluntarily give up their constitutional rights, to focus attention on the age-old artifact of tyrannical ruling elites of yonder, "bread and circuses," and to accept the imposition of a increasingly brutal existence.

This of course is happening because of the relentless amount of power-related imagery and information we're being subjected to on a daily basis, since the only way a corrupt tiny ruling elite can keep control over a huge population is by manufacturing mass consent so people will act against their own interests.

In my writing I've argued that one area that's being neglected by social justice activists is counter-propaganda.  I argue that no amount of facts, reasonable discussions, or appeals to commons sense will help in turning things around until and unless there is a concerted effort to engage in this space.

In order to address this weakness, I'm developing a concept to come up with a virtual advertising and marketing agency to promote the interests of the people.

I understand that this virtual ad agency would be unorthodox in many ways, starting with the fact that its main customer would be the truth.  So in essence, this ad agency's main focus would be on spreading the truth about exactly how a corrupt tiny ruling elite manipulates the population, and about how people can break free from the mental subjugation this situation has engendered.

The other ambitious aspect of this virtual ad agency is that it will aim at reaching at least 99 percent of the population, since it will not be peddling a particular product carefully tailored to a particular income demographic.

But I feel that won't be much of a challenge since I'm going to be reaching out to every writer, artists, photographer, advertising and marketing professional, and concerned citizens willing to contribute to the effort in whatever way they can.

My vision is to create very powerful, emotional, attention-getting imagery and messaging meant to awaken people to the reality of what's going on, and to prompt them to join forces and act in unison against the corrupt ruling elite hellbent on subjugating and exploiting the population, and on destroying the natural environment.

So, this is a call for any creative people out there to contact me so we can get this virtual ad agency going.  And remember, this should not be controversial since the only product we will be peddling is the truth.

I'll be setting up discussion forum to get this project going on my website.  Make sure to join my email list to stay informed about this effort.

Each blue dot on the map below represents a member of a growing nation-wide network of social justice and anti-corruption activists committed to finding the best way forward.  Join us in the effort!

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