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There are a lot of good diaries today (and it looks as if there will be all week) on the topic of social security. That's one leg of the hypothetical three-legged stool upon which we are told we should aspire to sit during our "golden years."

Another is pensions, which I believe are on the endangered species list.

The third leg is retirement savings, which for most people means 401(k) accounts (or similar 403(b) or federal Thrift Savings Plans).  In an earlier diary today, front pager Joan McCarter cites an article opining that

"...the average 401(k) balance for 65 year olds estimated at $25,000 by independent experts—$100,000 if you believe the retirement planning industry..."
I have seen various similar estimates over time. For example, this one has a particularly detailed breakdown by age.

I'm curious how the Daily Kos readership (at least that small sample who will read and elect to participate in this poll) stacks up against these estimates.  If you're up for it, vote in the poll below.  Voting is anonymous (as far as I know), so you needn't reveal any private information unless you wish to make a comment that does so.


My age is thus and my retirement savings balance is in the following range:

5%47 votes
5%46 votes
14%114 votes
0%0 votes
5%46 votes
7%59 votes
32%253 votes
8%68 votes
3%26 votes
1%14 votes
2%17 votes
6%52 votes
3%24 votes
1%12 votes
1%8 votes

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