I must say that I have come to the conclusion that I have had it all wrong about guns.  I have been convinced!  I have come around to the conclusion that not only is gun ownership a RIGHT, but it is in fact a fundamental necessity!

Many people are under the misguided notion that guns are really a serious threat to public health and safety that they need to be regulated as are other public health and safety issues.  But after some serious thought I have come to the conclusion that in fact the guns are not a public health and safety issue, it's the CRIME that is the issue and the guns are actually THE CURE!!

Follow me below for my impeccable, airtight reasoning that I'm sure will convince you that not only should we have the right to bear arms, but in fact, as a matter of public health and safety we should all be required to carry fire arms, and in fact, it's imperative that not only adults carry them, but that we also arm the most vulnerable among us so that they too are well protected against the scourge of the hoardes of violent criminals roving our streets.

If you think about it, as a society we've enacted laws and regulations in order to address public safety issues, so why is this any different?

We are required to put children in car seats up to a certain age. We are required to make them wear bike helmets.  We are required to make sure they are supervised at all times up to a certain age.  We don't let them drink alcohol, or take certain medications before a certain age, all in the name of protecting them from various dangers in our society and all mandatory requirements punishable by law.

Well, what about the danger of random violence? How I ask you are we protecting them from that? We can't be around them 24/7 with our guns, so I ask you, how do we make sure they are safe? Think about it!

Shouldn't we require they carry guns at all times to to protect themselves from the roving hoardes of dangerous criminals?

In fact, I know machine guns are illegal, but really, kids probably aren't great shots, so we should requre that kids under 6 under six have fully automatic machine guns or shotguns (whateve their preference), that way they don't have to aim so well to kill the bad guys.

So I think you can see that so many of us have been misguided!!!  We've had this completely backwards!! Guns are not the problem!! They are the solution to the pressing publich health issue of roaving bands of dangerous criminals!! Machine Guns for toddlers ASAP!!!

Won't someone PLEASE think of the children!!!

Originally posted to Beetwasher on Tue Mar 26, 2013 at 08:59 AM PDT.

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