President Obama will appoint Julia Pierson, a veteran U.S. Secret Service agent and senior official, as the first female director of the agency, White House officials said Tuesday.

Pierson, 53, began her career in the Secret Service as an agent in Miami three decades ago. She now serves as the service's chief of staff.

She does not need Senate confirmation for the post, which White House officials said would be announced later Tuesday afternoon.

Administration officials said Obama selected Pierson in part to bring a culture change to an agency whose male culture was exposed during an overseas presidential trip last year.

Beyond qualified, three decades in the Service, current Chief of Staff, headed up the Miami field office, and has seen service with the Presidential protection unit.

One more crack in that glass ceiling.

Also, reminder that the Senate GOP continues to stonewall against the President's nominee to head the ATF, which has been without a permanent director since 2006.  Confirm Todd Jones NOW.

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