Screenshot showing that Rep. James Lankford "likes" a racist Facebook page with lynching imagery called "Outraged Patriots"
A friend of mine recently pointed out that Rep. James Lankford (R-OK) "likes" an obnoxious and blatantly racist community page on Facebook called Outraged Patriots.

Complete with a noose and gallows cover photo, the content of the page should offend anyone's sensibilities except the most ignorant racists.

Rep. Lankford was elected with the Tea Party wave in 2010.  A newcomer to politics, he was a Christian camp director.  Run by the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, the camp Lankford directed (called Falls Creek) is the largest Christian camp in the U.S.  

Lankford's candidacy was at first seen as a long shot.  He was not the establishment choice.  But he received strong support from Oklahoma's numerous Southern Baptists and forced a runoff in the GOP primary.  After winning the runoff and the general election by a 2-to-1 margin, Lankford replaced Rep. Mary Fallin, the incoming governor of Oklahoma.

Maybe Outraged Patriots is where Rep. Lankford gets his information about President Obama.  Lankford's most recent embarrassment came March 13, when the president met with the House GOP Conference about the budget.  Lankford spoke first in the Q & A and complained that President Obama called DCCC Chair Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) on election night before he called Speaker Boehner.  Lankford saw this as evidence that Obama is more interested in winning and campaigning than governing and compromising.  Problem is, Obama did call Boehner first, as Boehner confirmed.

He (or his staff) has an official page.  But he maintains a personal page here.  It is here that he lists Outraged Patriots as one of his likes.

I tweeted about it the other day.

So Representative Lankford, what part of this page do you like?  The lynching imagery?  Referring to the president as only "Hussein?"  If you're serious about your Christian faith and basic human decency, you can't possibly like "Outraged Patriots."

*This is my first diary since 2009. I was more active on Daily Kos in the early days (c. 2004). It's good to be back.*

Originally posted to Lucky Ducky on Tue Mar 26, 2013 at 08:21 PM PDT.

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