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Hi its me.
As you read this I'll be flying down to Santiago. If youre reading this as it comes out I may be over Jamaica or Cuba.
Flying down to Chile for rhe 5th time so its not a new experience. 4 1/2 hrs from Portland to Atlanta, then 9 hrs Atlanta to Santiago.  Some long dam ride!

Don't know what I'm doing to this trip, have no plans other than stay with camily. I usually make it up as I go along, not one of those kind who plan everything down to the last detail.

Many people think Latin America is all like Mexico----its not.  Chileans are a lot more like americans than like Mexicans and the country looks like it. They drive responsibly for one thing, you can cross the street without taking your life in your hands. The cops are honest, not shaking you down. People don't hassle you on the street. You don't see homeless people laying all over the street, no panhandling. Its a one price culture---what the price tag says is what the price is, you don't have to haggle.

You know there's a million pople living in the Mexico City dump? Thats not an exaggeration.  Poor Mexico, so far from heaven, so close to the United States.

Anyway, Santiago is as modern, sophisticated and cosmopolitan as any place in the USA, its not 3d worldy at all.

So ciao for now, Hasta La Vista, baby!
sitting here nhow in the D building waiting for the trip to Atlanta. Im pretty familoiar with this setting, I fly out of here at times. PDX is easy to get in and out of.
OK, theyre about to board. tata for n-----oops, I mean have a nice day.

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