It's not just Southern colleges that caught the crazy.

Boston College threatens discipline against students distributing condoms.

Boston College officials are threatening to take disciplinary measures against a group of students who are distributing condoms out of their dorm rooms, calling the act a violation of the university’s mission as a Catholic institution.

So let me get this straight.  BC student health services don't offer condoms because safe sex makes the pope cry.  Students who care about other student's health are subject to disciplinary action if they make the pope cry.

And it goes without saying that any student who gets pregnant or a STD has only her slutty self to blame.

It's not the first time a Boston-area Catholic college has made it difficult if not impossible for students to educate themselves about safe sex:

This is not the first time a ­local Catholic college has tried to prohibit the distribution of birth control on campus.

In 2009, the Globe reported that a student at Stonehill College in Easton collected hundreds of free condoms from two family-planning agencies. She and ­approximately 20 classmates placed the boxes of condoms in student dormitories.

When college officials learned of the students’ actions, they confiscated the boxes ­because of the school’s ban against distributing birth control.

I imagine there are some college students who are not sexually active.   When I went to college in the 80's, I knew of 2-3 girls and several boys who weren't.  I doubt much has changed, even at Catholic schools.  

I can understand the school not wanting to officially offer birth/STD control.  But to forbid informal, unofficial distribution of health information?  To forbid contraception that can prevent spread of disease and unintended pregnancies?

All to forward a fantasy that college students live monastic, sexless lives?  

Why is it in any way moral or right to base policy on fantasy?


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