Round 2.

I tried clearing out my spam mail, the multiple (one day, I received 43 requests for money) demands from D orgs seeking my hard earned money, and "breaking news" that turned out to be a thinly veiled demand for more money. But no news.

Every one has been great about it. One offered to call me back in a couple of months, to ASK PERMISSION to send me more emails. Because the request was so pleasant, I agreed.

but not the DCCC.

Despite FIVE, yup, count em, One Two THREE FOUR F I V E
written requests  over the past month, to remove me from their email lists, and despite 4 phone calls from DCCC during which I Demanded that they remove me from their lists of willing call takers,  I still got two more emails today, AND I got another phone call.

You know what, DCCC? Your organization stinks. You are pissing people off. You are pissing people off that spend money on races not in my district or state. You are causing ire and anger within a group of Democratic supporters that you do not want to piss off.

Finally, I called the DCCC. I explained my problem. Got transfered to Sal.

Hi Sal. My name is Pastor Agnostic. I am not happy. I tried, for the past month, clearing off you guys from my mail lists. And despite multiple efforts, (five = multiple in my book) you still send me daily emails. Stop it.

Sorry, Mr. Pastor. I think we have been having with our servers and people trying to unsubscribe has been troublesome.

That's a load, Sal. I've worked closely with a number of campaigns. Unless you are using an IBM 360 and a stack of machine cards, it is as easy to add a subscriber as it is to delete one.

Sorry, Mr. Pastor, but I assure you that your email will be removed.

Somehow, I doubt that, Sal, but good luck. Now, what about the phone calls?

What phone calls?

I get a bothersome call every 3-4 days from you guys. AFTER I insisted that you stop calling me. In fact, each time you call, I ask you to stop. What does it take to get your attention?  You realize that basic fuck ups like this makes your whole organization look pathetic and ignorant? Then again, given how you support so many DINOs, ignorance is your middle name, I guess.

I don't know why that is happening, Mr. Pastor.

Well, please fix it, because you guys are R E A L L Y pissing me off.


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