Yesterday, I posted a diary about an Arkansas state senator named Missy Irvin who retweeted a racist tweet equating voter fraud with using cheap vodka and fried chicken to steal elections. Well, she's at it again today...

She posted the following tweet, in response to being called out as being a blatant racist. She wrote

Hmmm, let's think about that for a second senator...

You retweeted a tweet about cheap vodka and fried chicken. It referred to using fried chicken and cheap vodka to steal elections. Are you really going to argue that that tweet was not directed at African Americans? Are you really going to claim that you didn't know that the fried chicken imagery is racialized? I'm not buying it.

This is what she is referring to as the "fact" that the real issue is cheap vodka and fried chicken. A single instance not of voter fraud, but of attempted vote buying.

This is yet another case of a racist Republican trying to play the victim and claim that their blatant racism is not racism at all. This is her justification for supporting voter ID laws. And how, exactly, would voter ID have prevented one unscrupulous politician from trying to buy votes? Well, it wouldn't. But that fact won't get in the way when there is an opportunity to keep poor and minorities voters away from the polls.

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