Michele Bachmann's Sixth-District challenger recently penned an article for the StarTribune's business section, outlining his plans for overhaul of the tax code.  While he laid out many progressive points worthy of praise, such as eliminating the cap on Social Security taxes, on the flip side he dropped this startling clunker:

Implement chained CPI by linking benefit increases not to changes in the consumer price index, but to what’s called the “chained CPI,’’ which takes into account product substitutions by consumers as prices fluctuate, i.e., purchasing chicken or pork in lieu of beef when beef prices spike.
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Full article found here.

While even electing a dead gopher would be better than sending Queen TeaBag Bachmann to Congress -- I would certainly celebrate Michele getting kicked to the curb with an epic tequila bender -- we need Democrats who stand fully behind protecting Social Security.

Jim Graves is mulling over a repeat run against Bachmann.  Many of you supported him through Act Blue, like I did.  Visit his Facebook page or his website and message him about how you feel.  

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