This will be a short one. Just wanting to let my fellow Kossacks know that Rush Limbaugh has given up the fight on "gay marriage" (soon to be JUST marriage).

I, of course, put "gay marriage" in quotes, because this is a term that we must kill. The only term we should be using in this moment of change is "marriage equality", then when change happens, it'll just be "marriage".

But I digress.


This should come as no surprise to those in reality-based communities like DailyKos (since marriage equality has been kicking MAJOR ASS lately), but wingnuts must be hurtin'!

Now, some of you may argue that sicne Rush Limbough is becoming increasingly irrelevant with each passing day, why should we care?

Well, I'd... have to agree with you mostly! However, there are still a few million brain dead listeners out there (no doubt, rabidly opposed to marriage equality). As I said before, they HAVE to be hurtin' right now!

After all, what does it say about your entire conservative "movement", when your toughest, most stalwart warrior admits the the fight is OVER?!?

So, what is his reasoning for giving up the fight?

Well, apparently, the fight for "tradition marriage" was lost when conservatives gave into the "homosexual lobby's" (AKA, "homo mafia" AKA "gay agenda") purposeful re-terming of language and began using terms like... "traditional marriage"...


Because the push for marriage equality is TOTALLY about pissing social conservatives off!

It is BY NO MEANS about, say, stories like Edie's marriage to her wife who, after nearly 50 years of being in a committed, monogamous relationship (something I'm Rush Limbaugh is experienced with... NOT), died of natural causes, after which the federal government treated her relationship as a second class marriage by taxing her unfairly!

Nope! This push for marriage equality isn't about people's lives at all...

/end sarc (is this really needed?)

Well folks! Just as Kos emphatically stated during the election "We're winning", it kinda goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway.

The bigots are losing. We are winning!

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