As with everybody else who breathes, I receive a super abundance of financial solicitations advising that the fate of the world will be determined by whether I kick into some org or other some sum or other by a certain hour of a date certain.  Repeatedly I have attempted to explain my refusal of monetary response knowing full well that no one gives enough of a good goddamn to read them.  So, I have decided to share a recent couple here.

Being a liberal, "a fucking retard" as opposed to a Democrat, I no longer will support candidates that do not approximate my values.  That means that the DCCC is irrelevant to me.  Rather than your making the claim that I don't have a choice, make your candidates worthy of my support.  Meanwhile, I (we) will support those candidates that we can and ignore those that we don't feel comfortable supporting.  Of course, the candidates that we do support inevitably will be members of the Democratic Party, if that's of any consolation.

And on receiving similar from the Durbin campaign...

Since he opposed meaningful change to the filibuster rule, what difference does it make?

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