We not only won in Nov., Mr. President, we kicked ass! Harry Reid? We won in November.
Act like it.
Those of us that are "the base" of this party work for a living. Most of us spend 40 hours a week working for someone else's success. The time we spend on Democratic campaigns is time we take away from our families and our own plans. We do so not so much to get your butts elected, but to hold back the oncoming tsunami that is Corporate America from taking over this country. Simple as that.
We ask one thing. That you do your job. You know, the one you were elected to do. The one we helped get you elected to do. You do not need to do anything over these next 19 months or so before Nov. 2014 except hold the line. Just hold the damn line. Keep that thundering tsunami from breaking shore. That's all you need to do. And that's all we ask.
But, no. You, Mr. President, and you, Harry Reid, continue to negotiate with these sociopaths as if we lost in November.
Armando had a Diary on here about Obama thinking about giving away "the third rail" as some sort of bargaining chip. Armando is right. Since when did Social Security become a bargaining chip? A bargaining chip for what? "Balancing the Budget?" "Reducing the Debt?"
Why are we Democrats negotiating jack with these sociopaths?
We are the ones that won in November, Mr. President.
Harry? We won in November.
There is nothing to negotiate.
Americans in Nov. voted to maintain Obamanomics.
To keep that Obama Express moving Forward.
Americans in Nov. voted to send Sociopathonomics packing.
Apparently Not, becuz all we get from the Beltway is the same crap we got for the first four years. "Well, we are trying to find common ground... blah blah blah... "
Well, Harry, Mr. President, we do not need to find common ground.
We won in November.
We do not need to acknowledge "the other side of the aisle" or their "concerns" whatsoever.
We won in November.
I know the TeaPublicons are acting like They won in November.
But they didn't.
We won.
They want Social Security cuts? Tell them to win in 2014 or STFU.
They want Medicare cuts? Tell them to win in 2014 or STFU.
They want these cuts and those cuts? Tell them to win in 2014 or STFU.
See, we don't need to "win" on these issues.
We won in November.
End of story.
All we need to do is "hold the line" on these issues until 2014.
All we need to do is tell these sociopaths to go $h!t in their hat.
If they want cuts then win in 2014 or STFU.
Win or STFU. End of negotiations.
And if Beltway Dems like Harry Reid don't start acting like we won in Nov. then they will find their asses Primaried in 2014. See, most of us Dems that put in any kind of effort to get our local candidates elected to Beltway seats do so On Top Of our 40 hour work week. We do so to not only help get our local guys and gals elected, but to expect that once they get there they will support OUR efforts at holding the line, holding back the thundering tsunami that is Wall Street from devouring this country and spitting out "the undesirables." (that would be most of us in the bottom 99%)
We do so expecting that you elected officials support our efforts to hold the line. That's all we ask. To hold the damn line.
Act like we won in November.
We won! Big!
Act like it!
You are the big dog with the cold nose.
Act like it!
Or find your assed Primaried come 2014.
Your base is sick of you acting like losers.
Mr. President, that includes you.
Start acting like you won in November.
Start acting like WE won in November.
Becuz we did.

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