I suppose I should be posting pictures of fuzzy chicks and maybe even a couple of eggs, since it's Easter and all.  At least it's not a bunch of hawks ripping apart prey...

[Update:  Title changed to reflect the fact that there are a bunch of great pictures of fuzzy chicks and bunnies and flowers in the comments.]

The diary scheduled for today has apparently gone to Easter Brunch somewhere, so this is a bit of an impromptu fill in with photos I've taken for the Daily Bucket backyard bird count.  More on that in the comments, if you're interested in taking part.

Cal Towhee perched on The Pole That Every Bird Loves

Hermit Thrush, skulking as they do.

Peregrine Falcon, contemplating the flock of shorebirds a block away.

Morning Mourning Doves one fine mourning morning.

Dawn Chorus as I'm hearing it this morning.  In the background, Harlan is asking for "apple" at one point, and tapping on his food jar.

I just added a signup for future diaries in the comments - If you'd like to write a Dawn Chorus, let me know and I'll add you to the schedule.

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