You..ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
                                                      -Mother Jones

Tuesday March 31, 1903
Cripple Creek District, Colorado - Metal Miners Back to Work

Metal miners of the Western Federation of Miners began breaking ore today following the armistice between the WFM and Charles MacNeill. The smeltermen working in MacNeill's mill will return to work soon. General jubilation followed the news that Moyer has given MacNeil until May 18 to live up to the terms of his agreement with the governor's commission. However, some of the miners and smeltermen have been heard to wonder if MacNeill will remember his promises by the time May 18 rolls around.

The Autobiography of
Big Bill Haywood

(1st pub: 1929)
NY, 1983

Monday March 31, 1913
Paterson, New Jersey - Haywood Sentenced to Six Months at Hard Labor

Big Bill Haywood was taken from his cell at five o'clock this morning and ordered to parade up and down before a line of detectives. Back in his cell, Big Bill was baffled by the inspection, "I don't think there is a dick in the gang who doesn't know me." At nine in the morning Haywood and Lessig appeared in court before police recorder James Carroll, the magistrate who has been handing out judgment over picketers every day. The two were quickly found guilty of "disorderly conduct." Lessig was sentenced to six months and Haywood to six months at hard labor. IWW attorneys are expect to file an appeal.

IWW leaders of the Paterson silk strike of 1913: Patrick Quinlan, Carlo Tresca, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Adolph Lessig, and Bill Haywood
The Life and Times of
Big Bill haywood

-by Peter Carlson
NY, 1983

Sunday March 31, 2013
From My SA (San Antonio, Texas) - César Chávez marchers for immigration reform.

Note: Today is the 86th birthday of César Chávez.

Nationwide calls for comprehensive immigration reform echoed Saturday across Alamo Plaza as the 17th annual César Chávez March For Justice wrapped up there with speeches, music and dancing.

“We're all fighting to ensure there is going to be a favorable vote taken in Congress this year and that President Obama has the opportunity to sign a new bill granting legal status to farm workers,” said United Farm Workers union President Arturo S. Rodriguez, the event's grand marshal...

Although turnout was smaller than in recent years, the event drew participants from far off cities and states, including Friar Mark Schroeder of the California group Franciscans for Justice. “We must overcome racism with love and compassion,” said Schroeder, who's optimistic about the chance of major reform. “Next year we'll be here celebrating the immigration reform that's going to help a lot of people live a better life.”

To doubters, marchers repeatedly invoked a call made famous by Chávez, “Sí se puede” or “Yes we can.”

Read full article here:

United Farm Workers

Contact Congress

Contact White House

"This Land Needs Picket Signs!"

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