Last year, the Southern Baptist Convention elected its first-ever black president, Fred Luter.  Judging by an appearance on Wednesday with Dallas-based right-wing talk show host Rick Wiles, though, it looks like the only difference between Luter and his predecessors is the color of his skin.  Earlier this month, Wiles--a rising star on the wingnut radio circuit--claimed that North Korea's threat to launch nuclear weapons on the United States was due to "gay rights fanatics."  When Wiles doubled down on that claim, Luter agreed, saying that it was no coincidence Pyongyang's latest instance of saber-rattling came not only amidst the prospect of DOMA and Prop 8 going down in flames, but the Boy Scouts considering allowing gays to become leaders.  People for the American Way got a clip.

PFAW got more clips of Luter's appearance with Wiles, and they're no less scary.  Luter not only agreed that God is going to destroy this country over gay marriage, but also supported Wiles' call for "ten million productive Christians" to go on strike to protest the end of discrimination against gays.

If there's any difference at all between Luter and Richard Land, I sure don't see it.

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