Safely out of the reach of whistleblower hunters, British soldiers are talking about how American troops tortured prisoners.

British troops recount human rights abuses at US detention facility in Iraq

British soldiers and airmen tell of prisoners brought in by SAS and SBS snatch squads being hooded and given electric shocks

British soldiers and air personnel who helped to operate a secretive US detention facility in Baghdad that was at the centre of some of the most serious human-rights abuses to occur in Iraq after the invasion have, for the first time, spoken about abuses they witnessed there.

Members of two RAF squadrons and one Army Air Corps squadron were given guard and transport duties at the secret prison, the Guardian has established. Many of the detainees were brought to the facility by snatch squads formed from Special Air Service and Special Boat Service squadrons. The abuses the soldiers and airmen say they saw included:

• Iraqi prisoners being held for prolonged periods in cells the size of large dog kennels.

• Prisoners being subjected to electric shocks.

• Prisoners being routinely hooded.

• Inmates being taken into a sound-proofed shipping container for interrogation, and emerging in a state of physical distress.

Of course this is all in the past.

Not like the hunger striking indefinite detainees at Gitmo right now.

But it will be interesting if international human rights groups seized this testimony to proffer appropriate charges.

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