I noticed one a few weeks ago on top of a PSE&G pole. Infrastructure is interesting and worth looking at. Poles locally are overburdened, aren't set deeply enough, inadequately guyed or re-guyed  when more burdens are placed on them, and in many cases hollow so a wire from overhead can get underground safely. That last makes them flimsy as well. At the very heart of the empire, between New York and Philadelphia I get the least reliable electric service I've ever experienced.

PSE&G poles all have metal tags. The foreground pole has one and from top to bottom has high voltage AC, 120 VAC, TV cable, and Telephone including fibre. The pole in back is new and does not have any marks of any kind. It is connected to the 120 VAC and the fibre.

Two obvious questions are presented. What is it doing and why was a new pole needed when it could have been put on top of the older one?


This is overexposed but shows the external wiring. Too many cooling vents for my taste.

Top mystery

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