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The playlist for Monday 1 April 9pm to Midnight Pacific Edition of The Justice Department: Musique sans Frontieres

 ~~ "An Engine Inside An Elk’s Skull On A Pole" ~~

1 - The Clash -- "Charlie Don't Surf"
2 - Mono Men -- "Daylight"
3- The Mercury Program -- "Tequesta" "
4 - The Lipstick Killers -- "Hindu Gods Of Love"
5 - Daikaiju -- "The Trouble With Those Mothra Girls"
6 - 7 Negro -- "Surf & Roll"
7 - Montesas  -- "Space Walk Aloha"

Station Break

8 - Tortoise -- "Swung From The Gutters"
9 - Los Straitjackets -- "Pacifica"
10 - Coyote Men -- "Mexican Divorce"
11 - The Bikini Lovers -- "No No No"
12 - The Apemen -- "Crash"
13 - The Beat Tornados -- "Spy vs Spy"
14 - Aqua Velvelts  -- "Surf Nouveau"
15 - The Astroglides -- "Tantura Island"
16 - Man or Astroman -- "Spferic Waves"
17 - The Bambi Molesters  -- "Farewell Malasana"

Station Break

18 - Chris Thile & How To Grow A Band -- "Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground"
19 - Over the Rhine -- "Born"
20 - Crooked Still -- "Wind and Rain"
21 - Amy Correia -- "Hold on"
22 - The Books -- "It Never Changes To Stop"
23 - Japancakes -- "Soft N EZ"
24 - Las Ondas Marteles -- "Alondra Perdida"

Station Break

25 - Rainstick Orchestra -- "Electric Counterpoint Fast"
26 - Lullatone -- "Wake Up Wake Up"
27 - Celso Fonseca -- "Noite E Meu Opio"
28 - Nouvelle Vague -- "I Melt With You"
29 - Ulrich Schnauss -- "Far Away Trains Passing By"
30 - MIDIval PunditZ -- "Electric Universe" "

Station Break

31 - Quantic -- The 5th Exotic"
32 - Rondo Brothers -- "Walk On Fire"
33 - Orlando Cachaito Lopez -- "Redencion"
34 - Andrea Echeverri -- "Aterciopelados Que Te Besen"
35 - Sound Tribe Sector 9 -- "Tokyo"
36 - Yo La Tengo -- "I Heard You Looking"

Station Break

37 - Susie Suh -- "Love Is On The Way"
38 - Marsen Jules -- "Fanes D'Automne"
39 - Sigur Ros -- "Flugufrelsarinn"
40 - Nickodemus and Andrea Montiero -- "Mystery of Life"
41 - Esbjorn Svensson Trio  -- "The Well-Wisher"

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(12-String Ovation Balladeer Astoria, Oregon / copyright Justice Putnam)


Thank you whoever tuned the radio
to rain, thank you who spilled
the strong-willed wine for not
being me so I’m not to blame. I’m glad

I’m not that broken tree although
it looks sublime. And glad I’m not
taking a test and running out of time.
What’s a tetrahedron anyway? What’s

the sublime, 3,483 divided by 9,
the tenth amendment, the ferryman’s name
on the River Styx? We’re all missing
more and more tricks, losing our grips,

guilty of crimes we didn’t commit.
The horse rears and races then moves no more,
the sports coupe grinds to a stop, beginning
a new life as rot, beaten to shit, Whitman

grass stain, consciousness swamp gas,
the bones and brain, protoplasm and liver,
ground down like stones in a river. Or does
the heart’s cinder wash up as delta froth

out of which hops frog spawn, dog song,
the next rhyming grind, next kid literati?
Maybe the world’s just a bubble, all
philosophy ants in a muddle,

an engine inside an elk’s skull on a pole.
Maybe an angel’s long overdue and we’re
all in trouble. Meanwhile thanks whoever
for the dial turned to green downpour, thanks

for feathery conniptions at the seashore
and moth-minded, match-flash breath.
Thank you for whatever’s left.

-- Dean Young
"Spring Reign"


Voices and Soulappears on Black Kos Tuesday's Chile; poetry chosen and critiqued by Black Kos Poetry Editor Justice Putnam.


(Cut Stones and Arch St Ceneri, France / copyright Justice Putnam)


Question: Who is your audience? What are you here for?

Answer: Tribal Alliances, Heart-felt Convictions, Passionate Reason, Random Abandon, Sustainable Civility and a kiss; to comfort the sad and the mad Ones; the Ones roaming the International section of the American Supermarket at night; or roaming the neglected streets looking for an angry malaprop to sink their teeth into; the Ones who seek without seeking and learn as much as they teach; the Ones who embrace and kiss and embrace again; the Ones who sing the song of the city and the ballads of the forest; the Ones who chant the rhythm of the sea and hum the melody of the desert; the Ones who sing the prayer of Her name and Her name is the World. Yes, those are the Ones.    -- JP


(Man, Girl and Broken Window Klamath Falls, Oregon / copyright Justice Putnam)


(Can you help folks in need heat their homes and cook their food on the Rosebud and Pine Ridge Reservations. Navajo has an important diary posted with all the particulars. Even a small amount can work towards building the minimum.

Could you please help?)


So that explains it... !

Sunlight and Water Pitcher Muir Beach / copyright Justice Putnam


... Or does it?

(Holy Bible and 3 in 1 Oil Berkeley, California / copyright Justice Putnam)


I took another small sip of water as the next questioner rose, this time by the stacks of French novels. She was cute; red hair, tall, maybe 5'9" or 5'10", well proportioned. Had to be another doctoral student in Comparative Literature at Cal; so even at 24 or 25, was too young for my wandering eye.

"You stated," she stated determinedly, "and I quote; 'Comedy, Poetry and Fiction are only effective and only become Art if there is a Truth behind the humor, the verse and the lie.'"

"Yes," I uttered to fill the small silence.

"In your writing; in your humor, verse and lies, are you telling a Truth about yourself?" she asked, "or are you telling a Truth about the Culture and Society as a whole?"

"Yes," I answered.

--Justice Putnam
"Conversations With The Audience"



(Rail Road Crossing, Sonoma California / copyright Justice Putnam)


"Many heroes lived before Agamemnon, but they are all unmourned, and consigned to oblivion, because they had no bard to sing their praises."

 -- Horace

"Still the race of hero spirits pass the lamp from hand to hand."

-- Charles Kingsley


Rest in Peace Aaron Schwartz



(Morning Fog And Surf, Muir Beach, California / copyright Justice Putnam)


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