After Bobby Jindal proposed eliminating the state income tax while soaking the working class with a huge jump in sales taxes that would increase the sales tax burden to about 11-12 percent, Governor Jindal's popularity collapsed from 51% in October to 38% today. That makes Jindal less popular than Obama, whose approval rating stands at 43% in Louisiana according to a new poll funded by a conservative businessman.

Across Louisiana Jindal is about 18 points lower in approval ratings than Democratic siblings Mayor Mitch Landrieu (56%) and Senator Mary Landrieu (56%).

According to the same research a majority of Louisianans are opposed to Jindal's plan to privatize public hospitals in the state, his school voucher program, and his plan to further slash the state's education and healthcare budgets.

But the most unpopular program pushed by Jindal is his soak-the-working-class sales tax scheme mentioned above: 63% of Louisianans are against this scheme.


Originally posted to RfrancisR on Tue Apr 02, 2013 at 10:56 AM PDT.

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