Yes, that's right.  If you are a resident of Nelson, Georgia, you are required by law to own a gun and bullets.  Seriously.

Monday night, this city of 1,300 people on the border of Cherokee and Pickens counties made it law that the head of every household must own a gun and bullets.

With that unanimous vote, the City Council thrust Nelson into one of the most contentious debates gripping America - and onto the international news scene. During the run-up to the vote, City Hall fielded media requests from as far away as Germany.

The fascination: Whereas some cities have pushed for greater gun restrictions following the killing of 26 students and staff in a Connecticut school, Nelson chose to stand up for the Second Amendment.

Standing up for the Second Amendment means that if you don't own a gun you are violating the law?  I'm sorry, Mr. McClatchey reporter, but the second amendment says absolutely nothing about government making it illegal not to own a firearm.  To claim this "ordinance" by the Nelson City Council was an act to defend the 2nd amendment is absurd.  What it is is a blatant attempt at pandering and attention seeking by a group of freedom hating morans.  Of course they claim they won't enforce the law.  If that is the case, however, then why pass it in the first place?
Council members say the measure has been warmly endorsed by the community. Even so, some residents at Monday's meeting - attended by about 30 people, among the largest crowds in recent memory - spoke against it.

"The ordinance is unnecessary. We have no violent crime," said Lamar Kellett, 76. To him, the council's action is nothing more than big government trying to impose its will on the people.

The stupid here doesn't just burn, it scorches.  Somewhere Wayne LaPierre and his fellow lobbyists for the firearms industry must be giddy.

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