59 years old is a terrible age to be when you are looking for work in the US these days. I know that the purpose of this group is supposed to be to pass on where the jobs are and how to get one, but if I knew those kinds of things, I would have a job right now; not still be looking after three years out of work. I think my major takeaway from this struggle is confusion...after 30 plus years of successful work and with bachelors degrees in Business and Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Magna cum Laude) and a Masters degree in Management (Summa cum Laude) you would think there would be someone, somewhere who could use my skillset to the benefit of their company. After three years of looking, though, I have finally come to the realization that I may never work again. That drives a bunch more questions that I have no answers for...like, how do you keep eating when the IRA is gone? Okay, that's enough "poor me"....life is still okay...I can still do 15 miles a day on my mountain bike and the 94 Miata makes me grin every time I drive it...so, I just have to keep going forward, keep sending resumes, keep making contacts and keep up the hope that there will be a place for me somewhere...or, I'll figure something else out.


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