Nor do I advocate gun safety. Gun reform is just absurd.

I do, however, firmly support background checks on all gun purchases, magazine capacity limits on civilian-owned firearms, registration of all weapons that can be converted to full automatic action and a federal firearms registry.

But gun control? Total non-starter for me.

"Gun control" is a bit of bullshit, Luntzian framing slapped on any firearms regulation by the industry lobby known as the National Rifle Association and the tiny group of Zardoz cultists who claim to love the Constitution but cannot read an entire sentence therein.

I am an advocate of "firearms regulation," or, for the sticklers, "arms regulation." Something of a Founderphile myself, I've also mastered the difficult trick of reading sentences with dependent clauses, and figure the authors of our founding document must have had some reason to tack "well-regulated" onto "bear arms."

I may not understand exactly what they meant, but their inclusion of both in the same, single statement must have been significant for them.

And when I'm talking with friends whose hobbies include arsenal amassing, I never hesitate to bring up the importance of arms regulation. On the occasions when friends accuse me of trying to take away their constitutional rights, I ask how something written in a single, declarative sentence--in the Constitution--is unconstitutional.

Now, on gun control, I couldn't agree with them more. Bur arms regulation? Sorry, I'm a strict constructionist.

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