Bill O'Reilly was shouting at Laura Ingraham in a locked cage match between two right-wingers over anti-gay tactics as Bill O'Reilly was trying to put Ingraham back in her place. But the real money quote was this one made by O'Reilly about Rush Limbaugh:

"There's no feud between me and Limbaugh," he responded. "I don't talk to Limbaugh."
In other words, "SCREW YOU!"

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Bill O'Reilly claims that other opponents of gay marriage were simply thumping the Bible and that they would claim the moral high ground if they would just use rational arguments. Laura Ingraham thought that he was being disrespectful:

Ingraham again underscored her point that O'Reilly did not need to use the phrase "thump the Bible." She explained that she felt that the left "loves to see conservatives fighting" and that O'Reilly had been "disrespectful" to "people who really try to live their lives according to the Bible." An exasperated O'Reilly noted that his argument was from a policy perspective and he didn't believe citing the Bible was permissible in a policy argument.

O'Reilly gave Ingraham time to explain herself but after hearing her out told her, "I'm disappointed in you."

In other words, screw you too.

The fact of the matter is that once gay marriages start to happen and once people start to see for themselves that the sky is not about to fall, then the scaremongering about it being a threat to the institution of marriage will get more and more ridiculous.

But this brawling is part of a larger danger -- the GOP is getting more and more divided. The Libertarians are brawling with the militarists, the evangelicals are starting to break from the GOP, and we have a pope that actually (gulp) cares for the poor. And given their belief that they are always right and given their unwillingness to change, it is only a matter of time before the cracks grow greater and greater.

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