Child Labor
The Theft of Childhood
Friday April 3, 1913
From The Comrade of March 1903: Editorial on Child Labor
There is nothing more terrible in the whole hideous phantasmagoria of capitalism than the enslavement and degradation of children...

Dr. William H. Maxwell, Superintendent of the Public Schools of New York City, recently delivered an address at the annual dinner of Doctors of Pedagogy of New York in which he insisted upon this in a manner which does him credit...

"Think of today in these United States, children five and six years old working from six in the morning until six in the evening, and at the hardest kind of labor...There are parts of this city where little children are driven to work early in the morning for two hours and then sent to our American schools, and after school, are forced into sweatshops where they are obliged to work from 3 in the afternoon until 11 o'clock at night."


Thursday April 3, 1913
Paterson, New Jersey - Did the IWW Force Contented Workers to Strike?

There are persistent claims made by critics of the Industrial Workers of the World that the workers in the Paterson Silk Industry were completely contented until they were beguiled by the spell-binding oratory of the IWW speakers such as Big Bill Haywood and Elizabeth Gurley Flynn. These critics claim that the IWW has brought these gullible workers out on strike without any previous organization. Facts will prove this myth to be groundless.

In fact, it was the four-loom system introduced by the Doherty Mill, and not the IWW which brought the silk weavers out. They came out spontaneously and without organization.The IWW had already established a local in Paterson over several years of organizing by capable local organizers, Adolph Lessig and Ewald Koettgen. And it was to this established IWW Local that the weavers turned to for support. The national leaders of the IWW did not arrive in Paterson until their presence was requested by the leaders of the IWW Local Union.

And today, rather than use union funds to secure their freedom, Big Bill Haywood and Adolph Lessig remain behind bars.

The I.W.W:
Its First Seventy Years 1905-1975

-by Fred W Thompson
     & Patrick Murfin
IWW Press, 1976

Wednesday April 3, 2013
Email from Change to Win: Fast Food Forward to Rally and March

     When: 5:30pm on Thursday, April 4th
     Where: in Marcus Garvey Park -- 124th St and Madison in Harlem

Dear Friend,

Last week, I met Alvin Turner and Baxter Leach, two of the 1968 Memphis sanitation workers who went on strike with Rev Dr Martin Luther King just before his assassination.

They were fighting for the same things that we are today – fair wages, safe workplaces, and a chance to raise their families with dignity. Forty-five years later, things haven’t changed and fast food workers in New York City are taking up the call to action.

We will rally and march at 5:30pm on Thursday, April 4th, in Marcus Garvey Park -- 124th St and Madison in Harlem.

Will you march with me to demand that fast food workers are paid enough to afford basic needs like food, clothing, and rent?

Thank you for standing with us!
Joseph Barrera
KFC worker, Brooklyn, NY

Register to attend:

Fast Food Forward

Change to Win

"Come out of bed, little sleepy head."

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