I am sorry for coming to you one more time, if you look back you will see I came for help with Misty's operation which ended in cancer last year. This year there is a feral I had been feeding outside and had a heatbox whom I noticed not moving about 2 weeks ago.

I took her into the vet, very feral and he thought it was only leg soft tissue injuries. I saw her still scooting and limping as I worked to domesticate her and took her back to the surgeon this time. He looked and as of yesterday thought we  could get away with cage rest, a broken hock and a torn achilles tendon. Today he took xrays -without charging me- My relief was short lived

This lovely lovey little girl who has turned into such a sweet cat/kitten and trusts me completely has a broken hip on the right, a broken tibia that is healing and a broken hock and achilles tendon on the left. This costs money I don't have but its going to kill me to put her down. Cage rest is unlikely to work especially on the hip.

Any small amount will do, it all adds up

She is a sweet loving girl who has grabbed my heartstrings and hasn't let them go. I thought she was sent by Misty to be a special companion, i know stupid thought.

To explain how I feel about these cats here is a verbatim from my first diary on misty:
Just to explain, I live on a disability income of 900 a month and that is it, disability due to major depression and severe anxiety.  These guys keep me going, they are my own personal therapy cats in some ways because I have to get out of bed or go to the store to get the food and otherwise help myself by helping them.  She may be new but i have "known" her since she was born, she just stayed outside with her clan there and used my place for food and warmth.

If anyone can help me find some of the money to start with to get them agree to letting me pay it off, we need about 2500 total they can either paypal me at Kay.J.Davis@gmail.com (my best friend whose bank account i use) or call the hospital direct at 613 731 6851. Ask for file number 14205.

She is getting the spay she was booked for because I didn't know what else to say, i just know its to early to lose another one especially one so brave and so young.

I hate asking again, please forgive me, tears are streaming down my face.


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