When we last talked, I had had sinus surgery on March 21st, come home on the 22nd, and fallen flat on my face, gaining a concussion and a broken nose, on the 25th.  My doctor said he thought that the nose had been swollen enough to keep things from displacing.  

It's been healing fine, I thought.  No blood, no pain, but also no inhaling - totally blocked.  I saw him this morning.   Jump the squidoodle and hear what's going on.

Right nostril: scar tissue was trying to occlude it, so he took one of those odd-looking funnel-y things you find in ENTs' offices and stretched it.  He did it 3 times.  It hurt badly.  Then he jammed a piece of cotton in to keep the blood from dripping and said I could take it out when I went home.

And now the left nostril.  The swelling is down, and he could see more.  The incision in the septum is wide open.  "Busted", he said.  The septum is healing in a crescent-moon curve towards the left.  My whole nose is crooked now.  And I am getting occasional whiffs of the death-and-rot smell that started all this, despite the fact that I can't inhale at all on that side.

So.  I see him in 2 weeks.  If it isn't much more healed & aligned by then, we'll have to do the whole thing over again, this time without the fall afterwards.  

One good thing: when I got home and took the cotton out of my right nostril, for a couple of hours I could inhale and smell with no death-and-rot at all.  I smelled hyacinths, and fresh potting soil, and grapes, and clean laundry.  

And now I am just lying on the sofa with a sore nose while the right nostril closes up again, breathing through my mouth, feeling bad.


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