But with the sequester becoming something we are not even trying to avoid now, and continued austerity politics and policies being implemented world wide, I am getting my nervous on again.

With unemployment still high, particularly among the young, with the decimation of the middle class and expansion of the lower now permanent class, "we" are actively trying to make all that is going wrong worse and trying to completely ignore the misery blossoming all around us.

If might be one thing if there were evidence that the masses were starting to connect the dots and realize that the Republican congress must go, and that the filibuster must go, if there were some real dialog going on in the public media, there might be some hope for political change that could relieve the pressure that is building. But where is it? Where is OWS? More pay cuts. Silence. More layoffs. Silence.

The tinder is dry, getting dryer, and we are playing with matches.

How long will it be before some hopeless youth douses himself in gasoline and sets himself on fire in the public square and ignites an "American Spring" where we actually try to recapture our Democracy? Or maybe just recoup some of our investment in democracy, since all the capital has been stolen.

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