UP at MSNBC is hiring!

Chris Hayes, as everyone knows, has moved to PrimeTime with the show All In.  His weekend slot has been taken over by Steve Kornacki - starting on April 13th.

A lot of the people here are already doing citizen journalism or know those who are.

It is a real opportunity.

Here are a few words from each of the job descriptions:

Booking Producer:

We’re looking for booking producers who can help us do what makes Up different from every other show on television: Find new and under-represented voices with stories and perspectives that you won’t hear anywhere else. Our brooking producers will have strong rolodexes and extensive knowledge of the organizations and people that represent true expertise in a broad variety of fields....

Segment Producer:

We’re looking for writers/researchers/producers, preferably but by no means necessarily with experience in TV news. If you have no experience in writing/producing TV news you need to have an extremely strong background in another relevant field, such as politics/political science or print/online journalism. ...

Digital Producer:

The digital producer is responsible for every facet of the show’s online presence. You’ll manage and create content for our blog at up.msnbc.com, as well our Tumblr, our Twitter feed and our Facebook page. Interacting with our audience during the broadcast of the show and throughout the week is an essential part of what Up does, and we’re looking for people who can think creatively about how to engage with and cultivate our audience of smart, thoughtful, dedicated viewers. ...

Video Producer:

Our video producer helps us shape the segments you see on our show every week by finding and preparing video elements that will provoke thoughtful, compelling conversations about the week’s news. If you’ve ever watched the show and thought to yourself, “I know the perfect piece of sound from 1965 for that Supreme Court case on the Voting Rights Act,” this job is for you.

For more, go to the link.  Hope some good Kossack gets lucky!


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