Cenk Uygur descriptively breaks down the second coming of Mark Sanford in SC-1 - and the twisted "values" the district embraces.

"The most common reaction to disgraced former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford's victory Tuesday in a Republican runoff for a Charleston-based House seat goes something like this: What the heck?

After all, this is the same Sanford who blew up his political career in 2009 he disappeared from the Palmetto State for five days, told his gubernatorial staff he was hiking the Appalachian Trail and then acknowledged that he had been in Argentina visiting his mistress. Yes, that really happened."*

Mark Sanford, the disgraced former governor known for lying about defrauding the government to visit his mistress in Argentina, is back...and has won a runoff election for a seat in Congress. How on earth is he able to claim himself as "fiscally conservative" and a "family values" candidate...and why do people buy it?


Support the candidate looking to end the second coming before it's too late. Support Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

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