The people on the Gulf Coast of Florida are sick.  They are very sick.  Why we believed the oil was disappearing, I don't know.   For this family it was six of one and half a dozen of another when we moved near the Gulf after the spill ( my husband's home town area).   My hometown area in Ga. was only 25 miles from Anniston where they were destroying WMD's in a small Alabama town called, Anniston.
Much has been written here about Ft. McClellan so we were very exposed from West Ga to Gulf, Florida.  

I am upset about all of these chemicals and the sickness we are enduring.   This family started getting sick in 2009 in big ways.  We had upper resp. infections, sinus problems, in September of 2010 I got pneumonia and was coughing blood.  I spent one week in the hospital under quarantine and to this day have no idea what they were looking for.
My husband started have perpiheal neuropathy and spinal problems.  My children were getting nose bleeds, viral infections and the cough is mucus with runny noses a lot.
so many of our friends and relatives from Ga to Flori da were dying at young ages from all manner of cancer.  The veterans seem to go pretty quickly.  There is a connection to these toxins.  

Toxins have been in and around Anniston and the south for years.   Of course, dumping and handling environmental toxins have been proven to cause all manner of death related illnesses.  Rachel Tracks, a friend in Ga on the west side, has been extremely ill.  Things just start happening to folks out of the blue and the next thing you know, kidneys are failing, heart problems, almost all veterans have cains, wheelchairs or walkers of the Vietnam time frame.   There are many civilians in really bad shape as well.  I had a friend to get a blood cancer as well as her brother and die in their early fifties  They lived near Kings Bay Naval Base in Kingsland, Ga..  I just lost several friends and cousins in the area of west Ga..  These people are not old and almost all died from almost mysterious deaths.   Many of these deaths are in the 40's and early 50's.  

The people of Anniston, Alabama sued but not much money was recovered for the people in Alabama.  West Ga sits on the line and winds normally blow from west to east.
The WMD's and destruction of them that started not that long ago has a harmful effect for hundreds of miles, if not thousands. They started this burning of WMD's   in 2003 or at least that is when we heard so much about it but then who really knows.  They burned in 2010 and that I do know.  
These are facts.  Jump below the squiggly non toxic cloud to get more details

This is what was being held in Anniston and was being  burned.

AGENT        ITEM                  QUANTITY   POUNDS
HT-Blister   4.2-inch Cartridges   183,552   1,064,600
HD-Blister   4.2-inch Cartridges    75,360     452,160
HD-Blister   105mm Cartridges       23,064      68,500
HD-Blister   155mm Projectiles      17,643     206,420
HD-Blister   Ton Containers            108     185,080
GB-Nerve     105mm Cartridges       74,014     120,640
GB-Nerve     105mm Projectiles          26          40
GB-Nerve     155mm Projectiles       9,600      62,400
GB-Nerve     8-inch Projectiles     16,026     232,380
GB-Nerve     M55 Rockets            42,738     457,300
GB-Nerve     M56 Rocket Warheads        24         260
VX-Nerve     155mm Projectiles     139,581     837,480
VX-Nerve     Mines                  44,131     463,380
VX-Nerve     M55 Rockets            35,636     356,360
VX-Nerve     M56 Rocket Warheads        26         260
Disposal Schedule:
Construction:     1997
Systemization:    2000
Operations:       2002
Closure:          2006


I do not believe the vapors and smoke from these chemicals stopped at the Alabama border.  Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, and Ga. all border this state.  I wish there was a study to see just how much illness has hit with a vegenance since the Gulf Oil Spill and
the burning of WMD's.  The truth is, we know we were exposed since the 60's in some way or another.  It is just all catching up with some of us.

I allowed my little girl in the Gulf last year.  I won't do that this year.  I saw a picture taken from studies done at the Florida State University regarding the toxins used to clean up the oil spill.  The Oil spill is still there.  It has been proven that the chemicals used to disburse the spill were toxic and they have not disappeared either

I will tell you that we can not attribute how we feel on age.   The hospitals are running over down here in on the Gulf every day and night especially in the fall and spring, even though things bloom in Florida year round.  Manatees are dying.  Dolphins are dying.
PEOPLE ARE GETTING SICK  My ears have been closed off and on for two years now.  We get bouts of coughing spells.  Our eyes close up.  Our nose runs.
We run unexplained high fevers.   Some children are breaking out in rashes.  Last year our little girl's airwaves closed.

  I recognized the symptom and got her to a hospital in December when she got sick.   Our neighbor, a Viet Nam Combat vet has just been diagnosed with Brain cancer.  We have neighbors all sick with something.  I spoke to a hospital attendant last week who said, it would cost over 30,000 a person to find out what is going on so we just say virus or strains, till we know for sure why and what is happening.

Our just turned 18 year old spent all night at the hospital last night with almost kidney failure.  She has never even had a urinary tract infection.   She was in pain and they said her white blood count was normal but she had a kidney infection.  That does not even make sense to me.  She was given an IV of meds, pain medicine and sent home with a script of aintibiotics.  Do they know?  Is it normal for 9  year old to have almost migrane if not migrane headaches.  I know some folks who kids suffer with heartwrenching headaches.  What about those rashes the children are getting? Of course we don't hear anything from MSM about sickness.

 All the media  want to talk about is marriage or lack of marriage equality, vaginas, and sequesters.  The latest shiny object is about The Appalachian Trail cheater who wants forgiveness from the people of South Carolina.  The general public wants something done about guns and VA backlogs but the shiny objects keep getting moved.  I have a suggestion...of a study that should happen.

Maybe a study should be done to see how all of these chemicals and toxins not including our food and water supply is affecting people's brains.  Face it, people buy or steal guns and shoot people for no reason.  How much money off the lungs, and blood of the people living and DYING here worth to folks like Lockheed, BP, and now that mess in Arkansas.
Manatees and Dolphin Deaths

11:03 AM PT: Manatees and Dolphin Deaths

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