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A Detroit gun owner shot and killed his neighbor's Chihuahua on Tuesday after he says it attacked him.

Jojo's 14 year-old owner says she went inside for just a few minutes and left her tiny dog out in the yard.  When she came back out, her neighbor told her to take the dog back in the house.  When the dog ran back onto the man's property, he shot and killed it.

The man claimed that the dog had "charged" him and that he felt threatened by it.  Police determined that the man was within his rights, and no charges have been filed.

Jojo weighed 5 pounds.

Detroit Dog Rescue's David Rudolph was called in to remove the dog's body.  

Rudolph said "This would have never happened if the dog had been properly leashed and under the direct supervision of the owner… In no way should you ever have your dog out and not leashed."

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