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Gene writes:

It is really incredible to me that the lobby of a small segment (four million or so) of the population barks so loudly for no-change-in-gun laws, – falsely citing impingement of the Second Amendment – when  is no secret that the vast majority of the people (91 percent of 330 million – do the math) want significant gun law change, including a majority of the members of the NRA.

      Our republic was founded on the principal of sustaining and serving the will of the majority. Historical examples of countries where a few controlled the rights of many are unquestionable proof of the eventual calamity this brought. The present world map is still replete with such injustices. The United States is supposed to stand out as an example of rule by the people.

The resistance to gun law change is actually being driven by gun and ammunition manufacturers who give millions of lobby dollars to the NRA and to Congressional Legislators, both Democrat and Republican, in order to sustain lobby interests. That’s the way lobbies work. So far, when the time has come to indicate their vote, these "representatives of the people" caved in and said they will vote NO.

    Attempts to smother the rights of the majority to assuage the wishes of a comparative few, especially when such tactics are issued in the name of “liberty,” can only be regarded, in the overview, as fertilizer for the seeds of potential anarchy. Freedom to bear arms is one thing. Stifling the rights of the majority has nothing to do with Freedom – or the Second Amendment.
    One can justly conclude that their vote is driven by their own self-interest. It has nothing to do with protecting the Second Amendment or our Constitution. It is all about money.

Find out who they are in your State and DO NOT RE-ELECT them!

The sources: National polls this year show strong support for universal background checks, from Pew Research Center’s 85 percent to today's April 4th Quinnipiac 91 percent poll in support of universal gun background checks.

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